After the Rose Revolution Georgia began to develop and today it is the most incorruptible country in the world, it became safe, people are not afraid to come out into the streets, leave their homes and cars open. Georgia is reckoned among ten (10) countries where it is most easy to do business.

Legacy left behind by the former government of Georgia represented full absence of light and heavy industry. Enterprises which still functioned during the USSR were abandoned and robbed. Corruption that the system of government was filled of did not give opportunity to develop business.

The situation changed radically after the Rose Revolution. Eradication of corruption and right taxation policy let us rehabilitate light and heavy industry from the zero point. Because of the advanced reforms it became possible to create new enterprises where people having no work for tenths of years could begin to work.

With active support by the government of the country some training centers have been created which let the people of Georgia to master new professions.

Owing to these decisions it became possible to create our enterprise as well creation of which could not even be imagined before the Rose revolution. Today more than 300 persons work at our factory. Constantly students are being trained in our factory. We cooperate with a lot of Georgian and overseas organizations.

We are equipped with modern machinery. Our working conditions and safety in our factory is the most up-to-date.

Our mission and goals are to manufacture and sell high quality production thanks to it we can progress and place more employees in our factory!