Company “Lg” Ltd. is a sewing factory located on 80192 square meter non-agricultural plot of land. All the factory buildings occupy 22106 square meters. The factory and its warehouses are situated on the territory which is bordered by the railway side line and where there is a cozy three-story hotel. The region where the factory is situated is ecologically clean. There are no other industrial enterprises nearby.


Three-year old factory was put to operation in January, 2011. Our business is to manufacture modern production on basis of international experience which enables to produce highest quality production in consideration the latest standards.


Our factory is equipped with the newest and modern machinery of the Japanese Firm “JUKI INTRNATIONAL” and “Tajima Industries Ltd.” There are 8 manufacturing lines producing various types of garment. The factory has a specious jeans processing (aging and chemical processing) shop. Embroidery machines and high-tech equipment provide wide range of embroideries and ornaments. At our factory there are more than 200 experienced seamstresses and 30 technological employees.


The sewing factory closely cooperates with various designers and local companies, such as: “Wissol”, “Socar Petroleum”, “Berta” etc. producing uniforms for them. From 2 December of 2011 our company began to cooperate with well known Italian Firms: MONCLER, DAINESE, SEVENITY, MAULI, FACIB, BAILO, VIST, MCS Clothing etc.


Production of high quality production has an aim to strengthen long-term relations based on reliance  and mutual respect and become a trustful partner of well-known brands